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Disclaimer: Doulas listed may or may not have received formal doula training through Lifespan Doulas, LLC. Inclusion of a practitioner in the Directory is NOT an endorsement by Lifespan Doulas, LLC. You are encouraged to investigate service providers by checking references and credentials.

Consumer's Guide

Read our Consumer's Guide for help identifying questions to ask a prospective doula and to learn more about the process of engaging doula services.

Verify a Doula's Certification Status

See the lists below to verify status of any doula claiming professional certification through Lifespan Doulas, LLC. If she/he is not listed, then it is likely they are not affiliated with us. However, mistakes can happen, so please reach out to with any concerns you may have.

Grievance Process

Lifespan Doulas, LLC has a Grievance Process for anyone needing to report a violation of the Doula Scope of Practice by a Lifespan Doulas' certified doula. If you have a concern regarding ethical conduct of a doula, please email