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Is it possible to make money as a doula? June Newsletter

By Patty Brennan | May 29, 2023

Absolutely! Invest now and earn back your investment (and more) with your first client (or two). AND engage in work that feeds your soul as well as your wallet. The doula movement is hitting critical mass. In this context, critical mass is defined as the moment when enough members of a society or community have adopted an interactive innovation…

fostering agency

Fostering Agency in Times of Transition (Webinar)

By Patty Brennan | May 20, 2023

A-gen-cy/: defined as the human capacity to determine and make meaning from the environment through purposeful, conscious, reflective, and creative action. This webinar discusses the role of the doula in fostering personal agency for our clients and families. There is no time where agency as an individual is more important than during illness and end…

spring sale on doula training

Spring Sale on Doula Training with Lifespan Doulas ~ May Newsletter

By Patty Brennan | April 30, 2023

Things my mom taught me … HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY TO ALL! Our Gift to You: Spring Sale on Doula Training (below) SPRING SALE! Save 10% on your choice of doula training or training bundle Sale starts TODAY and runs through May 8th. Eligible programs include: Use Coupon Code = Spring2023; new registrations only  End-of-Life Doulas ~ Articles &…

Happy Spring!

Medicare Cost at End of Life ~ April Newsletter

By Patty Brennan | April 18, 2023

Medicare, Hospice, End-of-Life Doulas & Money Medicare Cost at End of Life (from the American Journal of Hospice & Palliative Medicine). Estimates of the percentage of Medicare costs that arise from patients in the last year of life differ, ranging from 13% to 25%. The report calculates costs for Medicare beneficiaries dying in different settings and concludes that more…

medicalized death

Medicalized Death: Shifting the Cultural Paradigm (Webinar)

By Patty Brennan | March 17, 2023

With Jacki Mann, End-of-Life Doula The paradigm of medicalized death in our culture today is pervasive. As end-of-life doulas, we are the leaders needed to help shift this paradigm back to one of death as natural and sacred. In this webinar, we will brainstorm ways we can move forward purposefully and strategically to effect the…

doulas volunteer

Should Doulas Volunteer Their Services?

By Patty Brennan | March 1, 2023

Part 1 Volunteer doulas and volunteer doula programs have fallen out of favor with an outspoken segment of the doula community who view them as devaluing the role of the doula. The word “demonization” comes to mind as the tone of the criticisms and pushback on social media has become increasingly polarizing. One doula Facebook…

medicaid reimbursement for birth doulas in Michigan

Does the doula’s role resonate with you?

By Patty Brennan | January 30, 2023

“I didn’t know there was a name for what I do.” As the word “doula” comes into the consciousness of a growing number of people, many who are new to the concept unexpectedly recognize that they naturally possess the mindset and skills of a doula, that they are, in fact, already functioning as a doula.…

goal setting & doula business

Goal Setting & Doula Business Development ~ January Newsletter

By Patty Brennan | January 3, 2023

Make 2023 a turning point—From passion to profit! “Birth is the ultimate metaphor for all manner of creative manifestation. As in human gestation and birth, the process of bringing a business to life is one of nurturing an idea, laboring to bring it forth, pushing it out in the world, and witnessing it take on…

Continuing Education for Death Doulas

By Patty Brennan | January 2, 2023

Join us for a showing of the three-part video, This is How People Die, by internationally acclaimed hospice pioneer and end-of-life educator Barbara Karnes. Sessions will take place on Zoom over three consecutive Fridays from noon-1:30pm EST. Videos run from 45-65 mins and will be followed by time for group reflection and Q&A facilitated by Patty…

The doula connection

The Doula Connection & More ~ December Newsletter

By Patty Brennan | December 7, 2022

The Doula Connection Share your doula groups and networks with us! This new initiative on our website is intended to serve as a hub for doulas to connect with each other worldwide. Who is invited to be listed here?  It is essential that community doulas engage in professional networking. No one does doula work in isolation! Add…

Thanksgiving Week Sale on Doula Training ~ November Newsletter

By Patty Brennan | November 21, 2022

Thanksgiving Week SALE on Doula Training through Cyber Monday! SAVE $150 on your doula training of choice! You can use this coupon for birth, postpartum, and end-of-life doula training or any one of our Doula Business Builder Training Packages. Here’s how it works: Coupon Code = BlackFriday2022 (expires at midnight 11/28/22) “You have such a gift for presenting…

buddhist beliefs practices end of life

Buddhist Beliefs & Practices at End of Life Webinar

By Patty Brennan | November 21, 2022

Join us for a look at Buddhism and how the doula can support the religious beliefs and practices of families at the end of life. We will discuss what it means to practice “spiritual humility” and explore how doulas can integrate this practice into their work with families. We will also touch briefly on other…