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dementia at end of life

Dementia at End of Life ~ Webinar

By Patty Brennan | November 18, 2021

With Lori Smith & Patty Brennan Lori shares practical tips for doulas and other caregivers in the art of support for a person with dementia at end of life. Topics include: The EOLD/caregiver’s role in identifying painCommunication challenges in expressing painObserving and identifying signs of painCreating a comfortable environment4 main triggers causing distress for a…

market doula business

How to Market your Doula Business

By Patty Brennan | November 3, 2021

How to Promote your Doula Business An initial stumbling block to marketing my doula services involved a deep-seated distaste for selling. I began to feel more comfortable with the idea of selling myself and my services once I understood the importance of articulating the VALUE I bring to my clients. Consider the following questions: What…

doula contract

How to Create a Doula Contract

By Patty Brennan | October 5, 2021

October 2021 Newsletter from Lifespan Doulas How to Create a Doula Contract #1. Understand the purpose of your contract. It is essentially a tool for communication. Your contract (or “Letter of Agreement”) commits to writing the terms of the doula-client relationship, especially around services provided, fees, and terms of payment. You are seeking to create…

acupressure in labor

Acupressure in Labor

By Patty Brennan | October 4, 2021

How can acupressure in labor be beneficial? We will focus on two acupressure points in the body that, when stimulated, help to release the hormone oxytocin in order to start or augment uterine contractions. A common application is as a natural means of getting labor contractions started. Or to help erratic early labor contractions strengthen…

tips for death doulas

Tips for Death Doulas: How to Support the Dying ~ Webinar Recording

By Patty Brennan | September 17, 2021

Webinar with Ellie Atherton, author of Stepping Stones: Following a Pathway to End of Life Ellie Atherton, a long-time hospice nurse with the heart of a doula, shares tips for death doulas that include her techniques for honoring each person’s unique experience of dying. Ellie shares that she “got into trouble” early in her hospice…

becoming end-of-life doula

Top 5 Questions about Becoming an End-of-Life Doula ~ Webinar Recording

By Patty Brennan | September 10, 2021

Becoming an end-of-life doula starts with choosing an end-of-life doula training. Easier said than done, right? How to choose? What questions should you be asking? Questions Answered The presentation by Patty Brennan covers the following topics: What is the role of the end-of-life doula? What is the meaning of the word “doula”? Where do end-of-life…

Alzheimer's symptoms

Evolving a Doula Business ~ September Newsletter

By Patty Brennan | September 3, 2021

A framework for making the “daunting” doable Evolving a Doula Business Workshop. Live Zoom workshop taught by Patty Brennan. September 18. What is this Doula Business workshop about?  It is about YOU! Your strengths, your skills, your beliefs, your habits. It is about identifying areas for personal growth, skills to be acquired, where you feel “stuck,”…

is doula certification necessary

Do doulas need to be certified?

By Patty Brennan | August 29, 2021

Up until COVID, my answer was always “no.” Do doulas need to be certified? How important is it? I have been doing doula work since 1983, though we simply called it “labor support” at that time. The word “doula” came into use in the early 1990s and has grown in popularity ever since. Over the…

tips for end-of-life doulas

The Doula Model of Care—August Newsletter

By Patty Brennan | August 5, 2021

What is the Doula Model of Care? The Doula Model of Care is based on the guiding principles at the heart of what it means to be a doula and best practices for all doulas. These principles and practices are embodied in the Doula Scope of Practice. Within this model, each doula can bring forth her/his own best…

Pregnancy Loss

Holding Space for Pregnancy Loss—Webinar Recording

By Patty Brennan | July 22, 2021

With Author Amy Wright Glenn Pregnancy loss is a special kind of loss. Doulas of all specialties will inevitably encounter it and will, no doubt, benefit from Amy’s wisdom and graceful modeling of how to “hold space.” Join Amy as she explores: What does it mean to hold space? What does it mean to companion…

How to Hire a Doula: A Consumer’s Guide—July Newsletter

By Patty Brennan | July 9, 2021

Holding space for pregnancy loss; navigating difficult conversations; COVID vaccine safety in pregnancy; pediatric palliative care; rebozo controversy; and more! How to Hire a Doula: A Consumer’s Guide to Getting the Help You Need If you have never had a baby before, never been a new mom or cared for a newborn, never witnessed a…

Mother Baby Family Postpartum Basics

Successful Doula Business Owner—June Newsletter

By Patty Brennan | June 2, 2021

Go from doula wannabe to successful doula business owner! Read about two Detroit moms who are starting a revolution in the baby shower industry. Also inside, domestic violence awareness for doulas, and more. Go from doula “wannabe” to successful doula business owner. See our training bundles featuring: Hybrid training that includes self-paced online modules combined with live online workshops—available…