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Center for the Childbearing Year

Big Announcement! Two become one.

By Patty Brennan | September 25, 2019

Center for the Childbearing Year, Michigan’s premier birth and postpartum doula training center, has become part of Lifespan Doulas with the launch of our new website. Lifespan Doulas, founded by Merilynne Rush and Patty Brennan in 2016, has been offering end-of-life doula training and certification. Now, we are offering in-person doula training for the lifespan…

virtual reality trip

Hospice Patient Fred Visits Italy

By Merilynne Rush, MSHP, RN, BSN | September 25, 2019

Virtual Reality (VR) is a computer technology that immerses the user inside a simulated environment. End-of-life doula Anissa Picard, thanks to her son, took a VR trip to Croatia that was so enjoyable she decided to try VR with patients at the local hospice where she volunteers. A few months later, Anissa was able to… | 722 Brooks St., Ann Arbor, MI 48103