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Guide to Homeopathic Remedies for the Birth Bag
5th Edition Revised (2022)

This compact book is designed to provide a practical, quick, clinical reference guide that birth attendants can easily slip into their birth bags. Seventy-five key remedies are briefly summarized for their applications in midwifery practice or self-care. Prenatal problems, complications arising during labor and birth, and postpartum complaints of both mom and baby are covered. Featuring:

  • a post-cesarean regimen to speed the healing process and reduce the need for pain medications
  • a protocol to turn breech babies or reposition the posterior baby in late pregnancy
  • a recommended birth kit of homeopathic remedies for midwives
  • case taking hints

The 5th edition features an expanded therapeutic applications or repertory designed to facilitate expedient choice of a remedy during labor. In addition, you will find short essays on:

  • How does homeopathy differ from herbalism?
  • How quickly should a person respond to a remedy?
  • How do I know when to repeat a remedy?

Written by a midwife for midwives, mothers, and anyone who works with pregnant, birthing, or breastfeeding mothers and their babies. Find out why this is the "go-to" reference book for thousands of midwives!

Vaccines & Informed Choice: Everything Parents Need to Know
6th Edition (2015)

This book serves as a guide for parents seeking to make an informed choice regarding childhood vaccination. All vaccines are not equal, each vaccine is a choice, and each family has a unique risk profile. See this condensed resource for sorting it all out.

We begin with the case against compulsory vaccination including a discussion on the role of the government in ensuring vaccine safety, the process by which vaccines become mandated, vaccine efficacy and the concept of herd immunity.

Each disease is considered as follows:

  • definition of the agent that causes the disease and method of transmission,
  • disease symptoms,
  • available allopathic treatments,
  • vaccine history and effectiveness, and
  • vaccine risks.

Emphasis is placed on how to prevent adverse vaccine reactions. There is much that informed parents who choose to vaccinate, or partially vaccinate, can do!

Excellent materials on enhancing the immune system naturally are featured (a good idea regardless of your choice). These include a discussion on the germ theory of disease, the meaning of symptoms and the suppression of symptoms, holistic modalities, a special section on fevers, foods, and herbal sources of important immune system nutrients, antibiotic abuse, "family winter health tea" recipe, and how to stimulate a weakened immune system.

Homeopathy is presented as:

  • a method of preventing and treating acute and chronic vaccine reactions,
  • a prophylactic after exposure to the disease or during epidemics, and
  • a treatment modality to limit the course and severity of the diseases if contracted.

Resources are included for understanding, exercising, and preserving parents' legal right to vaccine waivers and how to deal with coercion.