Doula Business Success From Passion to Profit:
How to serve others AND make your living as a doula

Doula business success is dependent on more than your ability to attract clients through savvy marketing efforts, though that is a part of it. It's about being the best doula you can be, becoming resourceful in meeting client needs, delivering on promises, communicating effectively, and generating repeat business and referrals.

Lifespan Doulas offers guidance to reach your goals as a doula in the form of an online self-paced business training, Patty Brennan's two books, The Doula Business Guide and The Doula Business Guide Workbook, and private mentoring sessions. Invest in our Doula Business Builder Training bundles and get it all!

doula business guide

These two freshly-updated resources (2024) will walk you through the steps of setting up your doula business for success. All of your questions will be answered, from how to choose a name for your business, the pros and cons of various business structures, staying out of trouble with the IRS, how to attract clients, strategies for managing risk (liability), and more!

doula business guide online training

This self-paced online training program covers all the basics of doula business development. Use our structured guidance to pace yourself through the start-up questions and put your business infrastructure in place. Make informed decisions as you go.

doula mentoring

Doula mentoring can focus your efforts and help move you out of inertia or frustration by providing structure, guidance, feedback, and accountability for your efforts. Capitalize on your strengths to evolve a rewarding doula business, wherever you are in the process.