Birth Doula Training & Certification

Make a difference, one family at a time!

Empowered mothers
Healthy babies
Strong families

When you become a birth doula, you help parents experience:

  • Reduced anxiety
  • Lower rate of medical interventions used in labor, including cesareans
  • Shorter length of labor
  • Improved breastfeeding success
  • Improved mother-baby bonding & attachment
  • Greater satisfaction with the birth experience
become a doula

Not quite sure? Join our FREE webinar & get your questions answered.

In this webinar on the Top 5 Questions about Becoming a Doula we provide an overview of the role of birth and postpartum doulas, the certification process, your income potential as a doula, how to get started on your path, and more. This session offers an opportunity to spend an hour with the instructor and get your questions answered before making an investment.


Do you have questions about our Refund Policy, payment plans, how to register, or something else? See our FAQs page for answers.

There are 3 components to your online Birth Doula Training:

#1 Self-Paced Study Modules

#2 Monthly Mentoring Webinars

#3 Birth Doula Certification

Step #1
Self-Paced Study Modules (65 hours)

The following four courses comprise your online self-paced training. Click on the + sign to see a list of topics covered in each module.

Doula Fundamentals (Estimated 25 hours)

Childbirth Education Basics (Estimated 16 hours)

Birth Doula Support Skills (Estimated 16 hours)

Breastfeeding Basics for Doulas (Estimated 8 hours)

Enjoy unlimited access to the study materials and complete the course in your own timeframe (no expiration date). Gain access within 24 hours of registering.

Explore Our Online Platform with FREE SAMPLE Lessons

We love the platform that hosts our self-paced study modules and want you to experience first-hand just how user-friendly it is. Check out the free sample lesson below to see for yourself.

Over 2500 doulas trained!

Dynamic, Expert Training

We employ a proven, dynamic blend of teaching methods that adult learners of all ages find effective and enjoyable.

Study modules include downloadable tools and guides, videos, quizzes, case studies, skill-building exercises, templates for creating your own materials for use with clients, abundant resources, and more.


With Patty Brennan

These optional monthly live sessions (on Zoom) are designed to complement your self-paced study. All sessions will be recorded and made available for later viewing if you can't join us live. The webinars provide an opportunity to:

  • Connect with other doulas in training and build a sense of community (make new friends!)
  • Enjoy the opportunity for hands-on skills practice with instructor feedback
  • Do a deeper dive on complex topics
  • Get your questions answered
mentoring for doulas

2023 Webinar Schedule

Webinars take place on Wednesday from 8-9pm EDT, with the exception of the hands-on sessions as noted. We are offering a repeating series of topics as the focus for each webinar including a special session for practice of hands-on comfort measures with a "practice partner." Students can join the optional sessions in any order and get started immediately.

  • June 28: Professional Boundaries for Doulas
  • July 26: Prenatal Contact & Onset of Labor
  • September 27: The Doula's Role as Mediator & Advocate
  • October 28: Hands-On Comfort Measures Partner Practice (Saturday noon-2pm)
  • November 29: Open Session & Business Topics


Our streamlined certification process is included in the course fee and can be achieved shortly after completing your training. Learn more about our Birth Doula Certification Requirements.


A listing in our Birth Doula Directory is included in your course fee ($50 value, good for one year). Your year starts when you feel ready to call yourself a doula!

birth doula certification

Do you have questions about our Refund Policy, payment plans, how to register, or something else? See our FAQs page for answers.

Attention Birth Doulas in Michigan, California & Rhode Island!

Lifespan Doulas' Birth Doula Training fulfills requirements to qualify doulas for reimbursement for their services to Medicaid eligible clients in these states. More coming soon!

Our Birth Doula Training program is for you if ...

You feel a calling to birth work & service to families in the childbearing year

Others naturally turn to you in their time of need (Hint: you are already a doula!)

You want to provide skilled support to a sister, daughter, friend ...

You want to become a professional birth doula and launch your own practice

You want to volunteer your services to helps moms and families in your community

You intend to have a career in maternal-infant health & want to gain knowledge & experience in the field

By the end of your doula training, you will have ...


A deep appreciation for the doula model of care


A brain full of exciting ideas for your doula practice


Access to the best available resources on pregnancy and birth


Templates & tools for creating your own practice

Feedback from Participants

Postpartum Doula Training Reviews

"Loved my experience! I enjoyed every second of my certification training. I am excited to be a birth doula! The training was flexible and can fit anyone’s schedule. I’m a full time working mom of three with my fourth on the way."
—Ty Schurkamp, Hopkins, MI

“I took your birth doula training to help my daughter through labor. She did fantastic. We tried various positions and techniques I learned in class and I appreciated everything you taught and suggested.”

Dana Borenitsch

"I wasn't sure how an online class would go, but I thought it was great! You made us feel like a community, even though we weren't physically together."

—Jessica Woodward

"This entire process has been so thorough and informational. I have come out of it learning and understanding many things that I wish I had known way before! I will forever recommend your course."

—Michelle Walker, Rochester, MI

“Thank you so much–I can’t get enough! What an education and experience! Best $$ I ever spent.”

Kat Oshman

“I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate the birth doula training I took with you. I used so much of what I learned in the birth and breastfeeding of my daughter. I felt prepared for labor and more empowered to make the choices I did. Your training also helped me to be even more loving and supportive of the women I get to care for as a chiropractor. I still use resources and skills that I gathered from your class on a regular basis.”

Sarah Prater-Manor

“I absolutely loved this experience. Worth my money and time investment. I am so thankful I undertook this venture. I feel inspired and filled with recognition of my soul’s purpose.” 

Jess Juntunen, Hancock, MI

“Patty was such an inspiring woman to learn from as I begin this new part of my life! Her energy, enthusiasm, and passion for serving mothers and their babies (and partners!) will stay with me forever.”

—Kate Louik, Ann Arbor, MI

“As a young woman who has never experienced pregnancy or birth, the subject was a bit overwhelming at times. But your teaching style made the material so approachable, understandable and fun.”

—Mary Colleen Casey, Ypsilanti, MI

"It is awesome that you are able to create an environment of camaraderie via Zoom! I have been invited to two Facebook groups based on your classes. The groups like to stay together even after class and that is so cool and such a superpower!"

—Lanay Gilbert

What makes us different? Why train with Lifespan Doulas?

Top value at an affordable price! We understand you are searching for the best fit. Here is what we believe to be unique about our program and what we think sets us apart.

Hybrid Online Learning

Get grounded in the basics with our self-paced online learning modules. Complement your study with a support community through our monthly live Mentoring Webinars. We use a proven, dynamic blend of teaching methods that adult learners of all ages find effective and enjoyable.

Streamlined Certification

Our professional and accessible certification process can be completed shortly after training, has no expiration date, and is included in the cost of training. No ongoing or hidden costs! This is a big deal if you are comparing programs. Learn more.

Instructor Expertise

Patty Brennan has been supporting families in transition for the past 40 years as a doula, midwife, educator, and nonprofit founder/executive director of two community-based doula programs. She has trained approximately 2500 people to become doulas!

Doula Business Development

Patty Brennan is the author of the top-selling Doula Business Guide: How to Succeed as a Birth, Postpartum or End-of-Life Doula and is an expert at helping folks embrace the creative process of launching a doula practice.


Are you interested in more than one training or doula specialty?
Do you need expert advice on the business aspects of doula work?
Choose the package that best fits your goals & save!

If you are interested in creating a doula business or specializing as a doula in more than one area, these packages deliver the best value on your investment. Choose one, two, or three certification programs. Plus training in how to put it all together into a life-changing, successful doula business.


Doula Business Builder Package


$397 down + 5 payments of $100

  • Your choice of training & certification program (Birth, Postpartum, End-of-Life)
  • The Doula Business Guide & Workbook
  • Doula Business Guide Online Training
  • One Lifespan Directory listing (one year free)


Doula Business Builder Package


$497 down + 7 payments of $200 OR 12 payments of $120

  • Birth Doula Training & Certification
  • Postpartum Doula Training & Certification
  • End-of-Life Doula Training & Certification
  • The Doula Business Guide & Workbook
  • Doula Business Guide Online Training
  • 3 Lifespan Directory Listings (one year free)


Doula Business Builder Package


$397 down + 4 payments of $250 OR 10 payments of $100

  • Your choice of any two training & certification programs (Birth, Postpartum, End-of-Life)
  • The Doula Business Guide & Workbook
  • Doula Business Guide Online Training
  • Two Lifespan Directory Listings (one year free)