How to Hire a Doula A Consumer's Guide to Getting the Help you Need

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hire a birth doula
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"I wish I knew this before . . ."

If you have never had a baby before, never been a new mom or cared for a newborn, never witnessed a loved one die . . . then you simply don’t know what you don’t know. You likely don’t know what your full range of options might be, let alone the pros and cons and alternatives to various choices. We tend to rely on our doctors to guide us, but they often have only one piece of the puzzle and limited time to spend with each patient/family.

Enter the doula who takes a holistic, relationship-based approach. She/he can help you identify the questions you should be asking so you can make the informed choices that are right for you. Next, your doula will help you create a pro-active plan to get your needs met.

We've listed below our answers to some of the key questions about hiring a doula.