End-of-Life Doula Training and Certification

death doula training
end of life doula training
become a death doula


Ease the transition for the dying person and their loved ones. As an end-of-life doula, you will help families . . .

  • Navigate difficult decisions & understand their options
  • Promote informed choice based on their values
  • Honor the dying person's process of life review and support legacy projects
  • Relieve household stress
  • Help plan the death vigil
  • Educate families about the dying process
  • Alleviate caregiver burnout
  • Comfort the dying & the bereaved
  • And more!
role of the end-of-life doula

Top 5 Questions about Becoming an End-of-Life Doula

In this FREE webinar, we will provide an overview of the role of the end-of-life doula, the certification process, your income potential as a doula, how to get started on your path, and more. This session offers an opportunity to spend an hour together and get your questions answered before making an investment.


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There are 3 components to your online death doula training program:

#1. SELF-PACED STUDY MODULES (Estimated 50 hours)

Become an End-of-Life Doula

Sample our self-paced study program now.

Get a feel for our online course with these Free Sample Lessons:

"Self-paced" means that there is no expiration date on these materials. You will have unlimited access to complete your studies in your own timeframe.

death doula online training


Process, Practice, Integrate . . .

Whenever you’re ready, join us for a live, interactive workshop on Zoom focused on:

  • Exploring our ideas of a "good death"
  • Integrating the doula scope of practice
  • Recognizing signs of approaching death (video showing with Barbara Karnes)
  • Exploring grief
  • Identifying obstacles to advance care planning
  • Clarifying our values
  • Supporting the family
  • Assessing client needs through case studies
  • Professionalizing our role
  • Q&A session with guest EOLDs

You do not need to have completed the self-paced study materials before taking the workshop but about 5 hours of pre-work is recommended. This workshop is required for certification OR you can choose our 100% self-paced training program.

2022 End-of-Life Doula Skills Workshop

Class meets on Zoom

Saturday & Sunday 10am–4pm EDT

Or weekday option as listed

  • September 17 & 18
  • October 11-25 (3 Tuesdays, 1-4:30pm EDT)
  • November 19 & 20
  • Or choose 100% self-paced study option

Choose to pay in full $697 or a payment plan with $397 down + 3 monthly installments of $100.


Our professional certification for life is included in your training fee and can be completed shortly after training. Once you have completed all the training components (self-paced study modules + workshop OR 100% self-paced study program), you are eligible to take the Certification Exam. Some additional reading is required which you can get started on anytime. Learn more about our End-of-Life Doula Certification Requirements.

This course covers the core competencies for end-of-life doulas as defined by the National End-of-Life Doula Alliance (NEDA) and prepares you to earn the NEDA Proficiency Badge (optional credential).


An enhanced listing in our high-visibility End-of-Life Doula Directory, good for one year, is included ($50 value). Your year starts when you are ready to be contacted by prospective families.

end of life doula training
death doula training
become a death doula
becoming a death doula

Feedback from Participants

EOLD training reviews

"Very informative and comprehensive training. I am currently employed as a hospice RN case manager, and much of what was covered I wish I had learned prior to starting my practice." —Victoria Wenger, Jenison, MI

"This has been an outstanding, fulfilling, cathartic, highly educational, and eye opening training. Truly." —Kelly Collins, Delray Beach, FL

"I just want to express to you my thanks for providing an excellent course! As an RN with over 40 years' experience in a variety of settings, I truly learned so much!" —Debbie Finger, Millville, DE

"This course is amazing. Incredibly thorough and so well thought out, organized, and chock full of engrossing and pertinent information. The course is so pleasantly user-friendly, as well. Wonderful job." —Kyra Brown, San Francisco, CA

"Thank you so much for the opportunity to study and learn from this wonderful program. The information is so rich that I saved it to review over time as I slowly and carefully develop my practice. I appreciate your sensitivity and depth of knowledge." — Susan Anglada Bartley, Portland, OR

“Wow! Amazing training. Thank you so very much for giving so completely of your knowledge and yourself. I felt the training was very comprehensive, well-presented, and flowed nicely. I appreciate how attentive you were to staying on schedule. Honestly, the time simply flew by on both days. I will definitely be taking more trainings from you.” —Reverend Dr. Kathaleen (Kate) Martin, 1000 CYT, Sparks, NV

This training was AMAZING and I am SO glad I did it. Thank you for your brilliance, skillful content curating, presence, wisdom and modeling of such respectful honoring of what is right and true for others as a doula way of being. I can't wait to keep moving forward on my doula work!" —Annie Girresch, St. Louis, MO

"Thanks again, Patty, for providing this invaluable opportunity to learn the basics of end-of-life doula work. You are thorough, interesting, spot on with your observations and experiences . . . appreciate you and admire your work!" —Kim Petrucci, Portage, MI

"Patty you are an amazing woman! Thank you so much for this program and the career you have chosen. I feel truly empowered by the extensive amount of material and resources you have given us. If only we could clone you! —Sandi Bianchi, Chicago, IL

"I think your program is worth the money and time. I was especially NOT looking forward to spending most of my weekend sitting in a chair, but you have really surpassed the Zoom course boredom and figured out how to engage and inform virtually. The chance to meet the other students was terrific. The two panelists were a great addition. I am also an educator and so kind of a connoisseur of learning programs. Your program met and exceeded my expectations. Thank you for the obvious effort you took to make it a great experience."—Wendy Nemitz, St. Paul, Minnesota

"I’m pleasantly surprised about how much I’m enjoying the modules. The information has been great and very therapeutic for me. It has allowed me to process my parents' passing in a whole new light." —Christine Rhoden, Los Angeles, CA

"This course was great, challenging, enlightening, and still so much to learn and explore. A great foundation." Laurel McCaslin, Snohomish, WA

"I just want to say again how much I learned from and enjoyed your course! I have continued to immerse myself in reading and learning more. I am just putting one foot in front of the other and seeing where it leads me! I appreciate your passion for this work." —Rachel Baines, Orland, FL

"Thank you again for such a great training experience. The course materials, your leadership and expertise, combined with the online learning with the many wonderful people I met through my cohort was exactly what I was hoping for!" —Cheryl Botieri, Plymouth, MA

"I cannot thank you enough for putting together such a comprehensive and thorough course. I have already learned much about myself and my motivations for pursuing a career in end of life service. I better understand areas where I need to grow (e.g. effective boundary setting) and feel better prepared to identify both pitfalls and opportunities in the field." —Tim McCoy, Spartanburg, SC

"With a background as a nurse practitioner and a PhD in psychology, involving much grief therapy, I learned much much more than I ever anticipated. I even liked the certification exam.  It was good for further clarity and understanding—another teaching tool." —Shirley Kirby, Jupiter, FL

"I wanted to thank you for offering such a super course, I especially appreciated the live workshop, recommended reading material, connecting with others in class, and it being self paced. Everything I needed was there to help build a strong foundation in this life changing position of being of service." —Francesca O'Sullivan, Mountain View, CA

"The class today was fantastic and the interactivity, class size, activities all very powerful and helpful. I’m so glad I chose your course and certification." —Jen Carolan, Cumming, IA

"Thanks so much for everything last weekend, Patty. Your thoughtful delivery, thorough content, and generous heart make for a beautiful combination; which, not surprisingly, attracts sweet souls like my classmates, who are drawn to you and the Lifespan Doulas training program. I am grateful to have found you and Lifespan Doulas and I know I am not alone. Although I'm sure I will be a bit nervous when the time comes to step forward with my first client, I will know that I have been trained by the best and am well equipped, heart and head, to go forth with confidence, to love and serve, and hopefully make a truly positive difference in the lives of others. Thank you again Patty. You are the secret sauce." —Kelly Collins, Delray Beach, FL


"I am so impressed by the quality curriculum content and well-organized structure. The platform is also clean and easy to navigate." —Juliana Balistreri, Rohnert Park, CA"

"The modules were AMAZING! Your curriculum is thoughtful, insightful, and has helped me tremendously as I currently volunteer for hospice. I feel so empowered after taking your course. Impressive! —Colleen Guglielmana, Pollock Pines, CA

What makes us different? Why train with Lifespan Doulas?

Top value at an affordable price! We understand you are searching for the best fit. Here is what we believe to be unique about our program and what we think sets us apart.


Benefit from the best of both worlds! Get grounded in the basics with our self-paced online learning modules. And experience the inspiration and sense of community generated in a live online workshop. A 100% self-paced program is also available, your choice.


Our professional and accessible certification process can be completed shortly after training, has no expiration date, and is included in the cost of training. No hidden costs or ongoing fees. This is a big deal if you are comparing programs. Learn more.


Patty Brennan has been supporting families to successfully navigate the healthcare system for the past 40 years as a doula, midwife, educator, and founder/executive director of two nonprofit doula programs. She has trained approximately 2500 people to become doulas! Patty has earned the NEDA Proficiency Badge.


Patty Brennan is the author of the top-selling Doula Business Guide: How to Succeed as a Birth, Postpartum or End-of-Life Doula and is an expert at helping folks embrace the creative process of launching a doula practice. Enhanced business training and Doula Directory listings support you on your journey.


Our focus is on the development of doula support skills and building a strong foundation of knowledge about the dying process and end-of-life issues. Core competencies for end-of-life doulas are covered, as defined by the National End-of-Life Doula Alliance.


After training, we provide continuing education opportunities, priority referrals, and a forum for community support and mentoring for those who become members of Lifespan Doulas.


Are you interested in more than one training or doula specialty?
Do you need expert advice on the business aspects of doula work?
Choose the package that best fits your goals & save!

If you are interested in specializing as a doula in more than one area, these packages deliver the best value on your investment. Choose one, two, or three certification programs. Plus training in how to put it all together into a life-changing, successful doula business.


Doula Business Builder Package


$397 down + 5 payments of $100

  • Your choice of training & certification program (Birth, Postpartum, End-of-Life)
  • The Doula Business Guide & Workbook
  • Doula Business Guide Online Training
  • One Lifespan Directory listing (one year free)


Doula Business Builder Package


$497 down + 7 payments of $200 OR 12 payments of $120

  • Birth Doula Training & Certification
  • Postpartum Doula Training & Certification
  • End-of-Life Doula Training & Certification
  • The Doula Business Guide & Workbook
  • Doula Business Guide Online Training
  • 3 Lifespan Directory Listings (one year free)
  • One Year End-of-Life Doula Membership


Doula Business Builder Package


$397 down + 4 payments of $250 OR 10 payments of $100

  • Your choice of any two training & certification programs (Birth, Postpartum, End-of-Life)
  • The Doula Business Guide & Workbook
  • Doula Business Guide Online Training
  • Two Lifespan Directory Listings (one year free)