THE DOULA BUSINESS GUIDE ONLINE TRAINING Learn how to grow your doula business!

Most new doulas have lots of heart ...
but not necessarily the skills or know-how required to create, launch, and grow a business. We can help make the "daunting" feel doable.

The Doula Business Guide Online Training

With Patty Brennan
Full Price $347 or $147 down + 2 pymts of $100

Visioning, launching, and growing a business is a creative act. It necessarily involves getting outside of your comfort zone, the humility to be a novice, and a willingness to learn. The payoff is becoming one of those rare people who loves their job, who gets paid for doing work you were born to do, on your own terms. Join us for a highly interactive, self-paced training. Four modules cover the following:

doula business guide online training

Your enrollment includes our
With Patty Brennan

Invest in the Doula Business Guide Online Training and attend this optional one-day live (on Zoom) workshop. The October 1st workshop will be the last time this class is offered. Going forward, we plan to implement regular Q&A webinars for students enrolled in the self-paced program. Stay tuned for more information.

Think of this workshop as another way to learn the subject matter, suitable for folks who benefit from a bit more structure and enjoy learning in community with others facing similar challenges. The following topics (also covered in the self-paced program) are emphasized:

  • Cultivating abundance
  • Establishing your value
  • Growing your business on a budget
  • Embracing marketing as a form of consumer education
  • Setting goals & other implementation strategies
  • Managing your time ~ How to fit it all in


  • June 11 (Sat 10am-4pm EST)
  • October 1 (Sat 10am-4pm EST)

Read what past class participants have to say about their experience:

"I just wanted to thank you again for another great workshop yesterday! I appreciate the way you talk about the real-world emotional parts of owning a business and not just focus on the textbook issues of setting things up. I feel more ready and confident about diving in now! Your talk about abundance thinking also struck a chord with me, and I woke up feeling very full and grateful this morning. Thank you for being a wonderful teacher, and a great inspiration to me!"  - Brandy Cameron, Ann Arbor, MI

"This class was money well spent. In fact, it's a bargain for the great information and Patty's personal stories about starting a business.” - Stephanie Bielaska, Ann Arbor, MI

“Thank you for a great class today! We did a lot of business classes at massage school, but I finally feel like I can do this after taking your class.” - Ashleigh Cornell, Livonia, MI

“This workshop was very encouraging! It really makes my attempts at business building more manageable. I came in feeling like it is a complicated process and walked out with a clearer idea of something that can be attainable." - Gillian McClinsey-Powell, Ann Arbor, MI

“Extremely helpful for me because I knew little about business. Patty helped me understand what I need to do to become a successful doula. Very informative and fun! This class was very motivational." - Julienne Floetke, Brownstown, MI

“Patty presents her wealth of information and experience in an organized and engaging fashion. She instills confidence and inspires you to “birth your business." - Jennifer Campbell, Ann Arbor MI

"I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and the self inquiry tasks--very very useful! I loved the way it was all so interactive. What a fantastic group of like minded women." - Carmen Welham, Wellington, Somerset ENGLAND

My story as a doula business owner ...

I have been self-employed my entire adult life. It turns out, I don’t do bosses very well. After my first son was born, it didn’t make sense to return to a low-paying job and pay someone else to care for my baby when I wanted nothing more than to take care of him. I began a small service-oriented business, typing student term papers, resumes, and dissertations for folks in the college town where I live. This was in the pre-computer era. Over the next few years, as my son grew and a second son was born, personal computers came on the scene. My husband helped me to embrace this change, acquire new skills and grow the business to comprise 50 percent of our family income.

In the meantime, I found my passion in birth work. When I was ready to go all in, quit the desktop publishing business and take the leap, my business skills were an easy transfer and served me well. Meanwhile, I was surrounded by other birth workers who claimed they weren’t getting paid. They loved the work itself but couldn’t make a living at it. I didn’t understand this—in my mind it wasn’t an option to not get paid. But I had developed a set of skills they didn’t have: knowing how to present myself as a professional, how to structure my business, communicate clearly with clients regarding their needs and mine (fees and terms of payment), set boundaries, when to say “no,” and so much more.

Over the years, my birth business evolved, undergoing many changes and new directions. It never stops evolving. There have been many challenges, new skills to be acquired, times of frustration and fatigue, and, ultimately, great success. I work both “in” my business and “on” my business—as all small business owners must—and I persist. Somewhere along the line, I realized I had become an entrepreneur. Now, I take great joy in helping others do the same!

— Patty