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End-of-life doulas provide non-medical, holistic support and comfort to the dying person and their family, which may include education and guidance as well as emotional, spiritual or practical care, from initial diagnosis through bereavement.

Note the possible areas of overlap between the services offered by an end-of-life doula and those provided by other professionals. Any individual end-of-life doula may offer some or all these services.


To provide professional training and development for end-of-life doulas and support their integration into the home and mainstream care settings.

what is an end-of-life doula


Member Only Webinar – What’s the Attraction? @ zoom link sent to all members
Feb 19 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Join us this month as we discuss why so many people are attracted to doing end-of-life work, the confusion about different roles, titles, trainings and credentials, and the real challenges of figuring out what to do after training. Why is it still so difficult to find a doula? Merilynne Rush has her finger on the pulse of the EOL doula movement internationally and will lead the discussion. Come prepared to share and examine your motivations! Lifespan Doula Members are sent the link in an email from Mailchimp 1 week prior and the day of the webinar. The link can also be found on the private Members-only Facebook group. Join Lifespan Doulas now!
Top 5 Questions about Becoming an End-of-Life Doula @ Zoom webinar
Mar 5 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Do you have questions about how to become an end-of-life doula? What exactly do EOL doulas do? Who do they serve? Can you make a living and do you need to be certified? Be sure to bring your questions as this will be an interactive, casual conversation. Our training program, membership, networking, new developments in the field, what sets us apart… We’ll discuss it all, and then some!  Join us live and get your questions answered! Register here to receive link.

Members-only webinar: Ceremony and Ritual @ Zoom link sent to all Lifespan members via Mailchimp
Mar 12 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

With special guest Anne Murphy, of A Thousand Hands, we will explore the difference between ceremony and ritual, when they can be used, how end-of-life doulas can learn to create and lead them for dying individuals and/or their community, and resources for more information.