A full refund minus a $75 cancellation fee will be provided if requested one month or more prior to the first day of the scheduled training. Once we are within one calendar month of the training start date, no refunds will be issued (e.g., October 1st for a training beginning November 1st). Most refunds will be processed within 30 days of a request, provided we are not hit with an unusually high number of cancellations at one time.

PLEASE NOTE: There are no refunds on the End-of-Life Doula Training Program.

Refunds on the Doula Business Builder Deluxe Package

If you purchase this package and change your mind about completing the package after attending only a portion of the trainings, your refund will equal the total amount paid minus the full cost of each component you did complete or receive access to, and the $75 cancellation fee. Please note that in cases where you registered for a class and did not provide one month notice of cancellation, you are not eligible for a refund for that portion of the package. If you are unable to complete all the trainings within the current calendar year (by the end of 2020), then your fees are forfeited.

Transfer/Make-Up Policy

Should you need to transfer your registration to another training date, you may do so without penalty up until one calendar month before the training start date. If notice of a need to transfer is given in less than one calendar month, we cannot guarantee you a spot in a future training but will accommodate you IF a future training is under-enrolled for a $75 transfer fee. In this case, you may receive very short notice of a make-up opportunity and should plan accordingly. Basically, you would be stepping in to fill a spot created by another participant’s last-minute cancellation. Illness, family emergencies, last-minute babysitting or transportation challenges, and so on, are not our responsibility but we will make every reasonable effort to accommodate your situation. Bottom line: the more advance notice you can give us of a conflict, the more likely it is that we can fill your spot and, consequently be flexible about the make-up.

Transfers requested under the one-month time frame will only be granted for the same type of training as the original enrollment (e.g., you cannot switch enrollment in a birth doula workshop to an end-of-life doula workshop if you are making this request within one month of the workshop start date).

Attendance Policy

In order to provide you with proof of having completed a workshop, you will need to attend the workshop in its entirety. Should you become ill or otherwise unable to complete a training you have started, the transfer/make-up policy above will apply.

Winter Storms & Other Disasters

We will not issue refunds due to winter storms and other conditions beyond our control. I have never had to cancel a training for any reason. Please allow plenty of extra time for travel if bad weather is threatening. If extreme blizzard or ice conditions coincide with the onset of a workshop and make driving hazardous, we may delay the start time or otherwise adapt the parameters of the training. If driving conditions become hazardous in the middle of a training weekend and you are driving back and forth a fair distance each day, you are welcome to bring some portable bedding and a change of clothes and stay at the Center overnight.

We cannot be held liable for airfare costs accrued due to circumstances beyond our control.

Should we ever be forced to cancel a training, for any reason, all registrants will have a choice of make-up dates for the canceled training.