End-of-Life Doula Training Special Pymt Plan


Become a certified end-of-life doula through Lifespan Doulas. Shortly after completing your registration, you will receive access to the self-paced online study materials.

  • The two-day live online workshop takes place on Saturday & Sunday from 10am–4pm EST and you can choose your dates. You do not need to complete the self-paced materials before attending the workshop portion, but approximately 5 hours of study on specific topics is recommended.
  • The three-day live online workshop takes place on 3 consecutive weekdays from 1–4:30pm EST
  • If you prefer to skip the live workshop (on Zoom), a fully self-paced option will be added before the end of 2021. Register now to get started and we will provide the supplementary online materials to complete your certification before the end of the year.
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