DOULA FUNDAMENTALS & ESSENTIAL SKILLS Core competencies for all doulas

The Doula Model of Care

No matter your specialty—birth, postpartum, end-of-life—the Doula Fundamentals & Essential Skills training program covers core competences for all doulas. Get well grounded in the guiding principles and best practices of the Doula Model of Care. Seven self-paced online modules cover the following topics:

  • Standards of Practice & Code of Conduct for Doulas
  • The doula as educator
  • Becoming resourceful & increasing access to community resources
  • When/how to make referrals
  • Communication, mediation & advocacy skills for doulas
  • Grief & bereavement support
  • Domestic violence awareness & support strategies
  • Safety considerations for doulas
  • Working with low-income or under-resourced families
  • Overview of holistic therapies for doulas
  • Self-care for all—identifying & preventing caregiver burnout
  • Establishing a doula practice overview
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Doula Fundamentals & Essential Skills
20-hour self-paced online training

Our Doula Fundamentals & Essential Skills course is included with each of the three doula trainings offered by Lifespan Doulas—birth, postpartum, and end-of-life. Due to multiple requests, we are now making it available as a stand-alone training. If you invest in the course and then decide you want to continue on and complete any of our full doula training programs, we will deduct this cost from your future investment.