dementia at end of life

Dementia at End of Life ~ Webinar

By Patty Brennan November 18, 2021

With Lori Smith & Patty Brennan Lori shares practical tips for doulas and other caregivers in the art of support for a person with dementia at end of life. Topics include: The EOLD/caregiver’s role in identifying pain Communication challenges in expressing pain Observing and identifying signs of pain Creating a comfortable environment 4 main triggers…

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tips for death doulas

Tips for Death Doulas: How to Support the Dying ~ Webinar Recording

By Patty Brennan September 17, 2021

Webinar with Ellie Atherton, author of Stepping Stones: Following a Pathway to End of Life Ellie Atherton, a long-time hospice nurse with the heart of a doula, shares tips for death doulas that include her techniques for honoring each person’s unique experience of dying. Ellie shares that she “got into trouble” early in her hospice…

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becoming end-of-life doula

Top 5 Questions about Becoming an End-of-Life Doula ~ Webinar Recording

By Patty Brennan September 10, 2021

Becoming an end-of-life doula starts with choosing an end-of-life doula training. Easier said than done, right? How to choose? What questions should you be asking? Questions Answered The presentation by Patty Brennan covers the following topics: What is the role of the end-of-life doula? What is the meaning of the word “doula”? Where do end-of-life…

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Pregnancy Loss

Holding Space for Pregnancy Loss—Webinar Recording

By Patty Brennan July 22, 2021

With Author Amy Wright Glenn Pregnancy loss is a special kind of loss. Doulas of all specialties will inevitably encounter it and will, no doubt, benefit from Amy’s wisdom and graceful modeling of how to “hold space.” Join Amy as she explores: What does it mean to hold space? What does it mean to companion…

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cultural, religions & spiritual practices

Cultural and Religious Practices at End of Life—Webinar Recording

By Patty Brennan May 29, 2021

Watch a recording to our May webinar. This presentation with Bonnie Blachly focuses on how culture, religious beliefs, and/or spirituality impact end-of-life experiences for clients and families. An overview of beliefs and practices from Judaism, Catholicism, and Islam is provided. The presentation includes a definition and discussion of what is meant by cultural and religious…

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Feeding at the End of Life—Webinar Recording

By Patty Brennan March 9, 2021

Feeding a dying person can bring up a lot of ethical and emotional concerns. Is this act truly helpful or harmful? Bonnie Blachly and Richelle Godwin discuss what happens to the body when it starts to shut down, ways to support nourishment for the dying, risks associated with feeding and drinking close to death, and…

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Grief and Holidays—Webinar Recording

By Patty Brennan December 9, 2020

Kathleen Putnam presents on her work related to grief coaching. Kathleen has recently completed training with Amy Wright Glenn, the author of the book, “Holding Space.” Kathleen shares ideas on how doulas can support clients and families as they walk through their experience of grief. As we approach the Holiday season, grief may be heightened…

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Facilitating End-of-Life Conversations—Webinar Recording

By Patty Brennan November 20, 2020

Maureen Kures is the owner and operator of Radiant Mourning.  Maureen gets people talking about their end-of-life wishes. In this webinar, she shares how she supports people to get their affairs in order.

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An End-of-Life Doula Interview—Webinar Recording

By Patty Brennan October 16, 2020

The Who, What, Why, When, and How of Doula Work In this webinar, our new Director of Continuing Education, Bonnie Blachly interviews Kathy Bates about her work as an end-of-life doula, including how she got started and how she gets clients. Kathy is the owner of Compassionate End-of-Life Doula in the Seattle area. 

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end of life doula collective

Forming an End-of-Life Doula Collective—Webinar Recording

By Patty Brennan May 25, 2020

Presentation by members of Gentle Passage Doula Collective in Seattle, WA, hosted by Patty Brennan   This very informative webinar showcases the collaboration of a group of women who have come together in the Seattle area to offer a blanket of end-of-life services to families. Members share the story of how they came together, the…

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