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Atomic Habits: Tiny Changes, Remarkable Results (July Newsletter)

By Patty Brennan July 2, 2024

Atomic Habits (Book Review): You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems. Success as a doula business owner is certainly related to our skills, including both doula support skills AND business skills. Equally important is our mindset and the personal habits that enable us to…

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doula legal challenges

Doula Legal Challenges (June Newsletter)

By Patty Brennan May 28, 2024

Rites and Rights Revisited: Legal Challenges for End-of-Life Doulas This virtual townhall, co-sponsored by NEDA and INELDA, featuring two lawyers who have been active in defense of EOLDs in California and Indiana, was tremendously informative. The legal team shared these tips as general lessons for doulas: A recording of the townhall is available at the link above,…

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Ohio doula legislation

Ohio Doula Legislation (May Newsletter)

By Patty Brennan May 1, 2024

Should nurses have oversight over doulas? New doula legislation in Ohio says “yes.” A new law (Section 4723.89 | Doula certification) in Ohio states: “Beginning on October 3, 2024, a person shall not use or assume the title “certified doula” unless the person holds a certificate issued under this section by the board of nursing.” So now, the…

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doula training expansion

Doula Training Expansion (April Newsletter)

By Patty Brennan March 30, 2024

Events & Information for Birth & Postpartum Doulas (and aspiring Midwives!) Grant pays for tuition-free midwifery program at the University of Michigan. The University of Michigan’s School of Nursing has partnered with Birth Detroit to launch the Michigan Maternity Care Traineeship Program. What an opportunity! Laughing gas for labor pain? Nitrous oxide (N2O) has some advantages over injected…

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doula businesses evolve

Doula Businesses Evolve (Leap Year Newsletter)

By Patty Brennan March 6, 2024

Doula Businesses Evolve (= to develop slowly, over time) What are the three main reasons we procrastinate? Do you identify with any of these? Perfectionism is my home turf so I will speak to that. I have learned through necessity and experience to let go of perfectionistic thinking. The impulse is so strong in me that I can’t…

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doula business development toolkit

Doula Business Development Tools & More! (February Newsletter)

By Patty Brennan January 30, 2024

NEW! The fully updated 4th editions of The Doula Business Guide and Workbook are now available!  In addition to being a comprehensive guide to setting up a doula business from scratch, The Doula Business Guide and Workbook include new guidance on: The Metrics of Suffering Palliate:  To make (a disease or its symptoms) less severe or unpleasant without removing the cause. Palliative care is being…

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Doula Business Guide and Workbook

January 2024 Newsletter

By Patty Brennan January 5, 2024

When just starting out, I recommend doulas keep their offerings simple. It’s great to have a grand vision, but it needs to roll out organically, evolving as you go. As your business gets rolling, specializing in more than one area allows you to change gears and adapt as your life circumstances dictate.

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winter scene

Are we helping, fixing, or serving? December Newsletter

By Patty Brennan December 3, 2023

Are we helping, fixing, or serving? These concepts were introduced by a participant in a recent end-of-life doula training. Contemplation of these ideas, as applicable to doulas, reveals key relationship dynamics that may be undermining our efforts with families. We must stay mindful about our role and purpose. Do we view our clients as weak…

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behind closed doors

We live in a death denying culture ~ November 2023 Newsletter

By Patty Brennan October 30, 2023

Behind Closed Doors In the U.S. today, more people are choosing to die at home than ever before. The institutionalization of dying behind closed doors means that many of us have never witnessed a death and have no idea what to expect. Our death denial means that we avoid having conversations about the end of…

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doula business mentoring

Invest Now & Save! (October Newsletter)

By Patty Brennan October 2, 2023

Absolutely Everything is ON SALE through October 14th!  Save 15% on individual trainings, training packages, my books, directory listings, cross certification, membership, and mentoring (NEW!). Use coupon code = october2023. We have many updates on our website: Keep in mind that it is possible to earn back your investment in doula training with your first couple…

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