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acupressure in labor

Acupressure in Labor

By Patty Brennan October 4, 2021

How can acupressure in labor be beneficial? We will focus on two acupressure points in the body that, when stimulated, help to release the hormone oxytocin in order to start or augment uterine contractions. A common application is as a natural means of getting labor contractions started. Or to help erratic early labor contractions strengthen…

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is doula certification necessary

Do doulas need to be certified?

By Patty Brennan August 29, 2021

Up until COVID, my answer was always “no.” Do doulas need to be certified? How important is it? I have been doing doula work since 1983, though we simply called it “labor support” at that time. The word “doula” came into use in the early 1990s and has grown in popularity ever since. Over the…

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Pregnancy Loss

Holding Space for Pregnancy Loss—Webinar Recording

By Patty Brennan July 22, 2021

With Author Amy Wright Glenn Pregnancy loss is a special kind of loss. Doulas of all specialties will inevitably encounter it and will, no doubt, benefit from Amy’s wisdom and graceful modeling of how to “hold space.” Join Amy as she explores: What does it mean to hold space? What does it mean to companion…

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How to Hire a Doula: A Consumer’s Guide—July Newsletter

By Patty Brennan July 9, 2021

Holding space for pregnancy loss; navigating difficult conversations; COVID vaccine safety in pregnancy; pediatric palliative care; rebozo controversy; and more! How to Hire a Doula: A Consumer’s Guide to Getting the Help You Need If you have never had a baby before, never been a new mom or cared for a newborn, never witnessed a…

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Mother Baby Family Postpartum Basics

Successful Doula Business Owner—June Newsletter

By Patty Brennan June 2, 2021

Go from doula wannabe to successful doula business owner! Read about two Detroit moms who are starting a revolution in the baby shower industry. Also inside, domestic violence awareness for doulas, and more. Go from doula “wannabe” to successful doula business owner. See our training bundles featuring: Hybrid training that includes self-paced online modules combined with live online workshops—available…

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New Streamlined Certification for Birth & Postpartum Doulas—May Newsletter

By Patty Brennan May 13, 2021

ALL NEW online doula training & certification programs! Announcing the release of our comprehensive online doula training. A streamlined certification is included in the cost of training. No hidden fees. As business owners, we all evolve. My journey is taking me in a new direction. Lifespan Doulas will now offer our own certification for birth and…

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Upcoming Doula Legislation—March Newsletter

By Patty Brennan March 9, 2021

Doula legislation in Michigan … Let your voice be heard! The Michigan Doula Coalition and doulas from around the state are working with Senator Erika Geiss on legislation to enable Medicaid coverage for birth and postpartum doula services. Sign up for their newsletter to stay iinformed. Experience from similar efforts in other states has demonstrated the importance of doulas…

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The Power of Hormones in Labor and Birth—February Newsletter

By Patty Brennan February 4, 2021

Birth & Postpartum DoulasFebruary 2021 NewsletterView this email in your browser Birth & Parenting News YOUR DOULA CAREERSTARTS HERE!PATTY BRENNAN’SDOULA BUSINESS GUIDE  The power of hormones ~ A cat nurses ducklingsThis mama cat had just given birth to her kittens. These ducklings went foraging for a food source and found her. Cat nurses Ducklings (if the video…

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DONA Birth Doula Workshop

Invest in a new doula career that doesn’t feel like going to work—January Newsletter

By Patty Brennan January 5, 2021

It’s time to let your inner doula out of the closet! Let 2021 be the year you invest in your new doula career that doesn’t feel like going to work. Online training works especially well for breastfeeding mothers and those for whom travel back and forth to in-person training presents a hardship. (Plus, it has…

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Guidance in how to implement your doula business vision—December Newsletter

By Patty Brennan December 3, 2020

Birth & Postpartum DoulasDecember 2020 NewsletterView this email in your browser Birth & Parenting News YOUR DOULA CAREERSTARTS HERE!PATTY BRENNAN’SDOULA BUSINESS GUIDE 2020 is nearly over.Not too many of us will shed tears over that reality, I’m guessing. The media are telling us that we are heading into a “dark few months of winter.” Fear…

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