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SEO 101 for Doulas

SEO 101 for Doulas Webinar

By Patty Brennan | November 17, 2023

Search Engine Optimization with Sarah Juliasson When you understand the basics of SEO, your website has so much more potential to reach your ideal clients. Learn the basics of how to properly format a blog post to show up on google. We’ll explore choosing keywords, keyword placement and density, post length, alt text, images, formatting and…

behind closed doors

We live in a death denying culture ~ November 2023 Newsletter

By Patty Brennan | October 30, 2023

Behind Closed Doors In the U.S. today, more people are choosing to die at home than ever before. The institutionalization of dying behind closed doors means that many of us have never witnessed a death and have no idea what to expect. Our death denial means that we avoid having conversations about the end of…

doula business mentoring

Invest Now & Save! (October Newsletter)

By Patty Brennan | October 2, 2023

Absolutely Everything is ON SALE through October 14th!  Save 15% on individual trainings, training packages, my books, directory listings, cross certification, membership, and mentoring (NEW!). Use coupon code = october2023. We have many updates on our website: Keep in mind that it is possible to earn back your investment in doula training with your first couple…

Francesca Arnoldy

Introduction to Death Journaling (webinar)

By Patty Brennan | September 22, 2023

Join community doula and educator, Francesca Lynn Arnoldy, for an introduction to “Death Journaling,” based on her new book, The Death Doula’s Guide to Living Fully and Dying Prepared. During this workshop, participants are invited to reflect back, turn inward, and plan ahead with intention and insight, focusing first on introspection and then extending care to others.…

What is end-of-life doula?

What is an End-of-Life Doula? September 2023 Newsletter

By Patty Brennan | September 6, 2023

NEW Educational Outreach Tool for End-of-Life Doulas! What is an End-of-Life Doula? is new outreach tool for end-of-life doulas, now available to download and customize for your audience ($14.95). The PowerPoint slide show can be used to make presentations to consumers, hospices, home health agencies, student groups, veterans’ groups, and more. Nine simple and beautiful slides…

international end-of-life doulas

International End-of-Life Doulas ~ August Newsletter

By Patty Brennan | August 1, 2023

Especially for our International End-of-Life Doulas Researchers have been exploring the role of end-of-life doulas from an international perspective, according to a recent webinar sponsored by NEDA. The research is intended to be published before the end of 2023 in the journal of Palliative Care and Social Practice under the title, “International Reflections on a…

Palliative touch

Comfort Massage at End of Life ~ Webinar

By Patty Brennan | July 20, 2023

Comfort massage at end of life is slow, small, and soft. Cindy teaches that “we can give deep presence without deep pressure.” Comfort massage or palliative touch provide an opportunity for doulas to comfort and connect with their dying clients. This session is designed to build confidence to incorporate gentle techniques used by massage therapists…

leaving my comfort zone

Leaving our comfort zone as new doulas ~ July Newsletter

By Patty Brennan | July 4, 2023

Is it normal to feel nervous? “I just finished training and took my exam last week. I already have someone interested in talking with me about my doula services. Is it normal to feel a little nervous? I have been out of the work game for about five years now. While I am excited to jump…

Is it possible to make money as a doula? June Newsletter

By Patty Brennan | May 29, 2023

Absolutely! Invest now and earn back your investment (and more) with your first client (or two). AND engage in work that feeds your soul as well as your wallet. The doula movement is hitting critical mass. In this context, critical mass is defined as the moment when enough members of a society or community have adopted an interactive innovation…

fostering agency

Fostering Agency in Times of Transition (Webinar)

By Patty Brennan | May 20, 2023

A-gen-cy/: defined as the human capacity to determine and make meaning from the environment through purposeful, conscious, reflective, and creative action. This webinar discusses the role of the doula in fostering personal agency for our clients and families. There is no time where agency as an individual is more important than during illness and end…

spring sale on doula training

Spring Sale on Doula Training with Lifespan Doulas ~ May Newsletter

By Patty Brennan | April 30, 2023

Things my mom taught me … HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY TO ALL! Our Gift to You: Spring Sale on Doula Training (below) SPRING SALE! Save 10% on your choice of doula training or training bundle Sale starts TODAY and runs through May 8th. Eligible programs include: Use Coupon Code = Spring2023; new registrations only  End-of-Life Doulas ~ Articles &…

Happy Spring!

Medicare Cost at End of Life ~ April Newsletter

By Patty Brennan | April 18, 2023

Medicare, Hospice, End-of-Life Doulas & Money Medicare Cost at End of Life (from the American Journal of Hospice & Palliative Medicine). Estimates of the percentage of Medicare costs that arise from patients in the last year of life differ, ranging from 13% to 25%. The report calculates costs for Medicare beneficiaries dying in different settings and concludes that more…