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February Newsletter for Birth/Postpartum Doulas

By Patty Brennan | February 4, 2021

The power of hormones ~ a cat nurses ducklings (amazing video!). The hormones that govern the processes of labor, birth and breastfeeding possess a delicate synergy, referred to by the famous French obstetrician and author, Michel Odent as a “love cocktail.” Fear, trauma and anxiety inhibit these hormones. Doulas help to keep these stressors at…

February Newsletter for End-of-Life Doulas

By Patty Brennan | February 3, 2021

New research on end-of-life doulas includes perspectives from four countries. Also in this newsletter–pandemic resources, what to say to a friend whose spouse has dementia, water cremation, electronic wills, force feeding our loves ones, and more! Read the newsletter.

The Guest House of Fowlerville

January Newsletter for End-of-Life Doulas

By Patty Brennan | January 6, 2021

End-of-Life Doula Internships. A new pilot program is being launched at a residential hospice home in Michigan. Gain hands-on experience after training in a community setting providing heart-centered care. Newsletter includes blogs and research on the sense of hearing in unresponsive patients, finding peace and purpose after loss, 3 ways to combat “imposter syndrome,” and…

DONA Birth Doula Workshop

January Newsletter for Birth/Postpartum Doulas

By Patty Brennan | January 5, 2021

It’s time to let your inner doula out of the closet! Let 2021 be the year you invest in a new career that doesn’t feel like going to work. Online training works especially well for breastfeeding mothers and those for whom travel back and forth to in-person training presents a hardship. (Plus, it has the…

FREE WEBINAR: Riding the Roller Coaster of Grief

By Patty Brennan | December 9, 2020

Kathleen Putnam, owner of Coaching at End of Life, presents on her work related to grief coaching. Kathleen has recently completed training with Amy Wright Glenn, the author of the book, “Holding Space.” Kathleen shares ideas on how doulas can support clients and families as they walk through their experience of grief. As we approach…

The Guest House of Fowlerville

December Newsletter for End-of-Life Doulas

By Patty Brennan | December 8, 2020

Learn about this unique hospice home, The Guest House of Fowlerville, a labor of love from Jen Fargo. Jen is a Registered Nurse and End-of-Life Doula on a mission to serve the dying and their families. In this issue we say goodbye to 2020 with some reminders to not neglect the cultivation of your sanity…

December Newsletter for Birth/Postpartum Doulas

By Patty Brennan | December 3, 2020

See the many opportunities we have to help get you through the looming winter months and position yourself to achieve your goals. Our upcoming Doula Business Development Workshop (December 12) will provide you with the tools and encouragement needed to begin implementing your vision. Registration includes a copy of The Doula Business Guide Workbook: Tools…

Free Webinar on Facilitating End-of-Life Conversations

By Patty Brennan | November 20, 2020

Enjoy this webinar with Maureen Kures, the owner and operator of her company Radiant Mourning. Maureen gets people talking about their end-of-life wishes. In this webinar, she shares how she supports people to get their affairs in order.

end-of-life doula certification

November Newsletter for End-of-Life Doulas

By Patty Brennan | November 6, 2020

Our streamlined End-of-Life Doula certification process is now ready! We provide various pathways (doable, included in cost of training, available for all). Plus favorite blogs, grief resources for the upcoming holidays, free webinars, training reviews, a Beautiful Dying Expo, Toltec traditions and practices, how to generate income with your doula work, how EOLDs complement hospice…

Center for the Childbearing Year

November Newsletter for Birth/Postpartum Doulas

By Patty Brennan | November 5, 2020

The Center closes after 21 years (but training continues!). If I had imagined the day when I would be closing Center for the Childbearing Year, it would not have looked like this. There would have been a party. Though we no longer share space, all businesses that shared space here–Lifespan Doulas, the Breastfeeding Center of…