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enhancing learning

Self-paced online learning opens opportunities and removes barriers to becoming a doula for many folks. One benefit is the capacity for a more in-depth approach to complex subjects. As a curriculum creator, I am as acutely aware of topics I am forced to leave OUT of a course as much as those that I prioritize time to cover. In the self-paced learning model, I can be less constricted by time. And yet …

It can feel a bit lonely as a student, just being inside your own head. The ability to process what you are learning with others enhances understanding. So, we are adding an additional support for you to engage with others, ask questions, and more deeply integrate what you are learning. We will begin to offer monthly live Q&A sessions in September for all doula specialties (more info coming soon). In addition, we have turned on the Discussions function within each lesson in the online learning platform. Ask questions as you go and the Instructor and others will weigh in. 

Is mentoring available for doulas?

Are you a newly trained doula? Have you ever wished you could be a fly on the wall and observe an experienced, professional doula at work? Perhaps watch how she/he handles questions during a new client interview, or observe interactions with medical personnel or hospice staff (especially when those interactions are trending adversarial)? Read the article.

End-of Life Doulas Resources & News

Dying in Your Mother’s Arms (22-minute video). Dr. Nadia Tremonti is asking a critical question: When a child is terminally ill, how can we make the end of life better? 

Listen by Kathryn Mannix

Our Dying Breath: The Death Process Explained with Kathryn Mannix. This 27-minute video interview is the best explanation of the process of dying that I have seen. Kathryn Mannix is a Palliative Care Physician and Cognitive Behavior Therapist. She is also the author of With The End In Mind: How To Live And Die Well and her latest, Listen—a powerful new book about life, death, relationships, mental health, and how to talk about what matters (looks intriguing!). 

Incorporating a Death Doula into the Oncology Care Team. Health care providers are seeing that death doulas can help to fill many gaps as they provide support for patients and families to remain at home and in their communities. “The death doula provides the opportunity to combat the medicalization of dying and to instead offer an individual the ability to bring choice, autonomy, and person-centered care into their dying process.”

Our Summer Workshop Schedule ~ Join us!

Interested in more than one specialty area? We have discounted training bundles available: 

Doula Business Builder Training Packages.

I’m done training, now what?

Become a member of Lifespan Doulas and stay connected with a support community as you access continuing education opportunities. All members are invited to join bi-monthly webinars (featuring invited speakers) as well as archived webinars. See a list of archived webinar topics.

Our upcoming July 19th webinar (Tuesday, 7:30-8:30pm EDT) will feature end-of-doula Bonnie Blachly presenting on Navigating the Healthcare System: Coaching your Client through the Maze. Learn how Bonnie prepares her clients for a physician visit and coaches them to use the time they have with their doctor to meet their collaborative priorities. A follow up post-visit session ensures understanding of physician recommendations and  focuses on the development of a plan.

The archived webinars have been so useful in my journey to be a doula. The one on dementia gave me a real understanding of what I witnessed as my mother spiraled in her last weeks of life. There was so much that the video brought to life for me and while it brought back painful memories, I now understand what she was living through. Richelle Godwin’s talk on feeding the dying was amazing. I felt like I took a semester long course in one hour. The webinars are truly worth the price of membership. Thank you!
 —Linda Alvarez-Cruz, Ed.D, Bronx, NY

News & Resources for Birth & Postpartum Doulas

In her new book, The Peanut Ball: Basic and Advanced Techniques for Use During Labor and Delivery, expert doula trainer Cheri Grant gives an authoritative course on use of the peanut ball in labor. Pictures throughout the book demonstrate the concepts and techniques discussed. This book will deepen your understanding of the maternal pelvis and fetal positioning, while providing troubleshooting techniques for labor. Topics include: 

  • Using peanut balls with an epiduralI
  • Internal and external rotation of thigh bone
  • Pushing with the peanut ball
  • Evidence-based research
  • Safety, contraindications
  • And more!

In addition to the book, Cheri offers a number of practical peanut ball videos on her website at Premier Birth Tools.

The Peanut Ball

Get “found” online. Don’t forget to claim your Directory listing!

best kept secretWith Google Analytics installed on the Lifespan Doulas website, we are able to track a lot of data for marketing purposes. For example, we know how many visitors come to the site, how they find us, the most frequently visited pages, and the average length of time a visitor stays on the site. Thus, I can report that the End-of-Life Doula Directory is the second most visited page on our website. People are looking for doulas! Whenever you are ready to receive inquiries from prospective clients, be sure and send in your listing (included in the cost of training, good for one year). If you paid for training and are trying to grow your business, don’t miss this step. If you did not train with us, you can still be listed for $50.

P.S. You need to be able to track what’s going on with your business too! Get Google Analytics installed on your website.

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