Cultural and Religious Practices at End of Life—Webinar Recording

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Watch a recording to our May webinar. This presentation with Bonnie Blachly focuses on how culture, religious beliefs, and/or spirituality impact end-of-life experiences for clients and families. An overview of beliefs and practices from Judaism, Catholicism, and Islam is provided. The presentation includes a definition and discussion of what is meant by cultural and religious humility and encouragement for doulas to bring an open mind and heart to each family served. Each person or family who identifies with a particular religion, does not necessarily practice that religion in the same way or value hold to all the tenets of the faith as presented here. An attitude of curiosity and non-judgment is recommended.

Bonnie served over 30 years as a Registered Nurse providing end-of-life care for older adults before moving into leadership positions as a Director of Nursing and a Nursing Home Administrator. In 2005, Bonnie launched her own consulting business, BLB Nurse Consulting, and her passion for caring for older adults and assisting with end of life care led her to become an End of Life Doula.

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  • 3:36 – Introduction to Judaism
  • 4:24 – Range of Beliefs and Practices
  • 5:30 – Common Terms
  • 7:18 – Providing Care During Illness and at the End of Life
  • 12:20 – After Death Practices
  • 13:56 – Mourning Practices
  • 15:34 – Group Discussion

Roman Catholic

  • 26:00 – Range of Beliefs and Practices
  • 26:42 – Common Terms
  • 28:15 – Providing Care During Illness and at the End of Life
  • 33:31 – After Death Practices
  • 34:22 – Mourning Process
  • 35:05 – Group Discussion


  • 41:18 – Introduction to Islam
  • 43:35 – Before Death
  • 45:05 – After Death
  • 46:07 – Burial
  • 47:45 – Group Discussion

The slides from this PowerPoint presentation can be downloaded here.


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