November Newsletter for End-of-Life Doulas

end-of-life doula certification

Our streamlined End-of-Life Doula certification process is now ready! We provide various pathways (doable, included in cost of training, available for all). Plus favorite blogs, grief resources for the upcoming holidays, free webinars, training reviews, a Beautiful Dying Expo, Toltec traditions and practices, how to generate income with your doula work, how EOLDs complement hospice services and more! Read our November newsletter.

Patty Brennan

Patty is the owner of Lifespan Doulas. She is a DONA International-approved birth and postpartum doula trainer and lead instructor for Lifespan Doulas' End-of-Life Doula Training program. Patty is the author of The Doula Business Guide & Workbook, as well as several other books.