Achieving work-life balance in the New Year—January 2020 Newsletter

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I’ve got work/life balance on my mind for the New Year. How about you? What are your goals for 2020?   
I undertook a complete overhaul of my administrative systems for the business this past year, along with creation of a new website. Many woman-hours invested over four intense months and there was not one aspect of the project that went smoothly. It turns out that the dream system I have in mind doesn’t exist. Or, rather, it could exist if money were no object and I was able to hire a programmer to customize everything for me.

But the real problem was that I let the challenges and frustrations get to me. “Bent out of shape” pretty much sums it up. And I am reminded that, while we cannot control all the annoying things that can wreak havoc with our plans or how others behave, we can control how we respond. That part is a choice.

Now the body, psyche, soul seeks balance. And it will do what is required to achieve it. So, what happened? The day after my last workshop of the year, I got sick. And I stayed sick for two weeks. When I decided I wasn’t really still sick after one week (because, really?), the answer was “stop.” When Christmas morning came and I was in danger of overdoing it with kids and grandkids, my knee went out (another unequivocal “stop”). Non-negotiable rest and self-care.

Today I am in full Reset Mode, on the lookout for the warning signs (irritation, impatience, anger) and purposefully cultivating a sense of calm. It may not always be perfect, but as business owners and caregivers, we must strive for balance in our lives. What can you do at work to help maintain your equilibrium? What can you do at home? Read this article for a few tips.    

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doulas and donutsOn January 25th from noon-2pm, Detroit Mama Hub & Eternal Sunshine Doula Services are partnering to bring all birth workers of Detroit together! Midwives, childbirth educators and lactation professionals are welcome. Attend and receive a headshot for your business promotion. Tickets are available for $10.Maternal Infant Health & Equity Collaborative (Michigan)
The next MIHEC meeting is February 13, from 12-2pm in Genesee County. If you can make it, this is a good place to talk with state level contacts about how you’d like to see doula support integrated into public health. If you want to dial in, there is information on the registration page to do so. Registration is required.

In addition, please join the Michigan Doula Coalition to stay up to date on state level health policy concerning the doula profession. This is happening! There is advocacy for Medicaid reimbursement for birth doula services in Michigan. Let your voice be heard.Online Sources for Research Articles
Here is a list of databases where doulas can find scholarly articles.The Cochrane CollaborationPubMed CentralQuestriaEbscohost – login codes are usually provided by most community librariesERIC (Education Resources Information Center)Google ScholarBioMed Central

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