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Lifespan Doulas offers professional doula training and certification, as well as guidance for creating a sustainable birth, postpartum or end-of-life doula business. We feature interactive, live workshops online as well as self-paced online training. Follow your dreams and make your living doing work you love!

Doulas are coming into the cultural mainstream and they are not just for birthing and postpartum families anymore. The emerging role of the end-of-life doula is gaining traction and helping transform how we approach end-of-life care in the United States and beyond.

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The doula profession is growing by leaps and bounds. After training, you can begin serving families right away. A medical background or years of schooling are not necessary.

You can start a doula business, work for an agency or program, supplement family income, offer your services as a volunteer, or gain experience on the way to a midwifery, nursing, hospice or public health career.

Re-invent yourself in a field that you love! A surprise bonus is that many participants report unexpected personal healing and growth after completing their training.

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end of life doula training

August Newsletter for End-of-Life Doulas

Keeping HOPE alive (on COVID-19 and silver linings ...) Let me encourage you to stay flexible in your thinking. The need for our services as end-of-life doulas remains strong. Read...
become a doula

June Newsletter for Birth & Postpartum Doulas

Can we build community in a virtual training? "All of my expectations were exceeded and I felt that the workshop was well worth the money, even not being able to...
end of life doula collective

Gentle Passage End-of-Life Doula Collective

This very informative FREE Webinar showcases the collaboration of a group of women who have come together in the Seattle area to offer a blanket of end-of-life services to families....